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Looking for the best general contractor for your next project?

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Tenant Improvements

Rize Construction can transform your space into anything you need. Our team has extensive experience in remodeling to best fit your business needs. Rize Construction specializes in tenant improvements that are on schedule and fit your budget, helping your business start off on the right foot. 


A strong foundation of planning early in the building process with accurate & meticulous budgets will ensure that your quote and your project stays on budget. We spend the extra time in the beginning to ensure that our quotes are as accurate as possible to decrease the amount of change orders and keep your project on budget.


With 10+ years in the industry, our teams combined work experience and connections in the construction industry has given us the knowledge and expertise to understand every project's unique scope. Pair our experience with our technology focused approach; we are able to identify potential issues, and best practices to prepare a strategy that stays on schedule.


By utilizing our technology and systems throughout the build process we give each of our clients complete visibility into each step of the way. Rize Construction clients receive a custom dash board to see project status, budgets, and scheduling at all times .

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Rize, from the very beginning, was absolutely fantastic. If you want a contractor that is transparent, kind, professional, and easy to communicate with, Rize is your contractor. With some hiccups in the beginning with our funding and disorganization on our bank's part, Rize didn't hesitate to step up and make sure we had everything we needed at every step of the way so our project didn't get delayed. Zach is incredibly organized and Larry is meticulous and dedicated to getting jobs done right. Our pharmacy would not be the same without Rize! We will be using them for Front Range Pharmacy number 2 in the future. Bridget Logan, Front Range Pharmacy

Looking for the best general contractor for your next project?

Looking for the best general contractor for your next project?

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